Партньорство за учене и действие
Превенцията на сексуално насилие и сексуална експлоатация на деца е възможна
Автор: Партньорство за учене и действие

June 28, 2023, Sofia

Another meeting of the Learning Action Partnership took place in Sofia. In front of colleagues from various organizations, we shared the results of our, at BFPA, projects with incredibly good results in the field of advocacy and announced that we are looking for new opportunities to continue meaningful activities on them. Such a thing is the creation of a free psychological help platform for young people One Click Away, which should continue to work to help people who need support.

We presented the films showing the results from the BFPA’s project ‘Youth Voices, Youth Choices’: Youth campaigns ‘Youth Voices, Youth Choices’
GRAFFITI AND LIGHT in the tunnel. Youth campaigns ‘Youth Voices, Youth Choices’

The animation for the prevention of trafficking with the purpose of labor exploitation, which we created together as a consortium of the organizations BFPA- NNHM – HDMF, was also presented.

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