Партньорство за учене и действие
Превенцията на сексуално насилие и сексуална експлоатация на деца е възможна


LAP: Discussion on Values and Opportunities. Analyses аnd Perspectives for the Country and the NGOs

We cannot Apply Outdated Methods and Structures to Modern Children

10 Years Learning Action Partnership

The Learning Action Partnership in Search of New Opportunities

Next Meeting of the Learning Action Partnership

August 2022: Working Meeting of LAP Members

National Working Conference of LAP and Starting the Campaign ‘Eyes Peeled’

Consecutive Working Meeting of LAP on Preparation of a Campaign and Conference for Zero Tolerance Against Sexual Exploitation of Children

Working Meeting of LAP: preparation of campaign and conference on zero tolerance

July 2021: Reviewing the Strategic Plan and Preparing Informational Campaign of LAP

May 2021: Low Sensitivity towards Violence in Society Remains Problem

April 29, 2021, International Conference: Supporting Children in phase between adolescence and adulthood