Партньорство за учене и действие
Превенцията на сексуално насилие и сексуална експлоатация на деца е възможна


10 Years Learning Action Partnership

August 2022: Working Meeting of LAP Members

National Working Conference of LAP and Starting the Campaign ‘Eyes Peeled’

Consecutive Working Meeting of LAP on Preparation of a Campaign and Conference for Zero Tolerance Against Sexual Exploitation of Children

Working Meeting of LAP: preparation of campaign and conference on zero tolerance

July 2021: Reviewing the Strategic Plan and Preparing Informational Campaign of LAP

May 2021: Low Sensitivity towards Violence in Society Remains Problem

April 29, 2021, International Conference: Supporting Children in phase between adolescence and adulthood

Online Meeting of LAP in Seeking Different Approaches to Work with Young People

Public Communications – Challenges and Opportunities. Online Meeting with the Journalist Vesislava Tancheva

Covid 19 Pandemic, Vaccines: Online Meeting for LAP Members with the Virologist Prof. Radka Argirova

18 November: European Day on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse