Партньорство за учене и действие
Превенцията на сексуално насилие и сексуална експлоатация на деца е възможна
Автор: Партньорство за учене и действие

Online meeting for the members of Learning Action Partnership took place on October 28, 2021. Representatives of Tulip Foundation, Medecins Du Monde, BFPA, Know How Center for Alternative Care about Children of NBU, SAPI, NNMH, Dignita, Feniks-Plovdiv, Parents Association, NCPHA, NNC, NCCTH, PULSE Foundation, Re-Act Association, IOM, ARC Foundation, GERT, Agapedia Foundation participated.

In the frame of the event a review of the activities for the last few months was done. The partners discussed the challenges in front of the activities of the working topics in the group and especially paid attention on the forthcoming подготовката campaign on zero tolerance towards sexual exploitation of children and the national working conference which to take place in the beginning of the next year.

Small teams were formed to operate and to actively prepare the campaign and the conference.